At Knightstone, we have directed our passion, attention and resources to art in the public realm. Our belief is that thoughtful curation of art creates unique spaces that promote personal connection and convey important stories of our local communities along with Canadian and global values.

We aim to empower local and international artists to create public artwork that is simultaneously expressive and communicative to shape spaces beyond their functionality and foster a sense of identity both within and outside our buildings. From murals to sculptures, we believe art has the power to transform ‘space into place’ through the intersection of emotions and ideas that inspire us, spark curiosity, and stimulate a sense of community.

Development is often projected in tones of concrete gray; Knightstone’s vision is to bring vibrant colour and expression to the urban landscape.


At Knightstone we are a group of men and women who are part of the city, part of the social fabric and the community that makes up our neighbourhoods with all its foibles and nuances.  As members of the community we have identified a variety of causes, charitable foundations, and non-profit organizations that we support both through corporate donations and through our actions.  We believe in participating, in getting involved, in taking on the moral responsibility of giving our time as volunteers and in providing funds to grow worthwhile and necessary organizations both locally and nationally.