Residential Properties

Developing environmentally-sensitive urban communities that combine innovative architectural design with high-quality construction.

Along with creating trend-setting Toronto developments appropriate for both residents and commercial tenants, Knightstone seeks to enrich its communities with amenities that meet civic and municipal objectives. In addition, Knightstone is committed to ensuring that the design and construction of every building include environmentally-sensitive processes and practices.

Knightstone’s success is a result of the company’s vision, the insistence on quality design, construction, and materials, and the choice of renowned architects, landscape designers and construction companies. Approaching business with trust and respect has resulted in productive long-term relationships with partners, lenders, contractors, consultants, and City agencies. Knightstone targets to set new standards for neighborhoods, environmentally-sensitive residential buildings and individual unit design for the 21st century. It is a stunning new reality that has captured the imagination of residents.