No Frills opens Friday

COBOURG – Several large commercial construction projects are among those pushing up building and taxation revenues in Cobourg this year, including a double-sized No Frills grocery store and pharmacy at the Midtown Mall and new LCBO outlet at Northumberland Mall.

In the first of a series of stories about building and development in West Northumberland, we’ll look at some of the imminent changes and future building projects that are causing the area to continue to grow.

Denise and David Crimi both say they are “excited” about their new David’s No Frills supermarket that will be open Friday morning, Sept. 14, doubling the size of their existing store at the Midtown Mall on Division Street in Cobourg. Construction of the grocery outlet has been going to the north of the current store, or behind it, since March, so it’s been out of the public eye and motorists travelling by on one of Cobourg’s main arteries.

After nine years, the parent company, Loblaws, has built a 33,000-square-foot new store for them, David Crimi said. It’s bigger, brighter and will have a larger selection of locally-grown produce, ethnic products, PC and No Name items, a gluten-free line and more organics.

“There will be a lot more new products” in a store with a fresh look providing a better shopping experience for customers, he continued.

All of the product in the store from fresh, to that on the shelves and in freezers, is all new. The No Frills set up crew is responsible for all that. None of product will be transferred from the existing store because the old store will close next Thursday at 5 p.m. and shoppers can walk into the new facility mere hours later, at 8 the very next morning. (The remaining product will go to other No Frills outlets.)

The Crimis say they don’t expect to get much sleep next Thursday night due to the level of excitement about the grand opening the following morning.

While they are chaffing at the bit, customers have been very patient awaiting the new store and David Crimi extends a big thank you to them for that.

“This is something the customers have wanted for a long time,” he said.

The couple is committed to this community where two of their three children were born during the past nine years and all are going to school here.

‘I’m going to retire here,” David Crimi added.

The store expansion means abut 50 new people have been hired and that will bring the staffing level up to 175, he said.

Loblaws, which owns the store on the lands owned and being developed by Knightstone Capital, uses sustainable technologies to reduce energy consumption which include heat reclamation and refrigeration controls, says company spokesperson Julie Dunham.

The Cobourg store has, among other features, low-flow faucets and toilets, high energy heating and air conditioning, low E windows and/or reflective glazing and both construction site and in-store recycling, she stated in an e-mail.

Even while the Crimis are making the move to the new No Frills, the Pepper family and its staff at York Super Pharmacy are awaiting completion of their new building at the Midtown Mall. Construction to the north of the existing pharmacy is ongoing, but a little delayed as part of the mall had to be demolished before the new northern portion went ahead.

Both the grocery and pharmacy areas will be demolished and a new parking lot will be created with landscaping, but that may not all be completed until the summer of 2013, says the town’s planning director Glenn McGlashon.

Another major commercial endeavour underway is the finishing touches on the new LCBO outlet on Elgin Street at Northumberland Mall. Read about when it will open to the public, along with other construction projects in the both the commercial and residential sectors, along with future development plans for Cobourg in part 2 of this series. Future articles will look at development in other municipalities in West Northumberland.