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Knightstone Capital Management Inc. is an experienced, fully integrated real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition, development, project management and asset management of investment grade real estate. We are a privately held company that focuses its energies on several asset classes – Academic Assets, retail uses, office, condo and mixed use.

The Company operates as a real estate investment group whose primary business consists of acquiring, developing, and asset managing real estate investments for our core group of investors.

The executive leadership of Knightstone Capital Management provides a clear direction and commitment to quality investments and management services, and instills the entrepreneurial freedom needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Knightstone’s proven performance, financial strength, and depth of management expertise culminate in a single mission: “Building Long-Term Investment Value”.

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The Knightstone Strategy

High rewards don’t have to be derived from a high-risk strategy. At Knightstone, we seek development opportunities which can yield high rewards, but we mitigate risk through excellent site selection, value creation through zoning adjustment, and effective cost management.

Our “long-term hold” approach means that we are prepared to forgo the lure of short-term gains and be patient through the development phase and in the first 5 years of operation, to enable our investors to take part in the benefits of stable, consistent and strong results, as well as properties that measurably increase in value over the long-term.

 We strive to place under- leveraged long term mortgage financing on all properties to ensure long term stability and continuity.

Knightstone Investors

Knightstone’s Investors started as a small group of people interested in long-term and consistent returns from a well executed real estate portfolio. As news of our success spread over the years, and new projects came on stream, we welcomed new investors and other sources of capital. Today, our investors have contributed over $100 million to our projects, and this has allowed us to create an investment grade commercial real estate portfolio valued at over $700 million. Our investor partners have benefited from a wide range of tax advantages, strong income distributions and excellent long-term value creation.

Access to Capital

The availability of entrepreneurial investment capital through our ownership group, plus relationships with other major capital sources, enables us to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and decisively.

Knightstone’s equity capital provides it with a competitive edge in the marketplace as it relates to new development and acquisition opportunities.

Corporate Background

Knightstone’s senior executives bring with them decades of experience in a diverse blend of areas including real estate development, construction, finance and management.  Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Knightstone Capital Management was formed for the purpose of building a large portfolio of investment grade real estate assets across multiple Canadian and US locations.

The Knightstone Guarantee

We are performance driven. Knightstone Capital Management does not receive the vast majority of our performance fees until our investors have been returned their original investment in full, with a preferred return.

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