sc-portfolioKnightstone Capital Management is a privately-owned Toronto-based boutique real estate investment, asset management, and development company.

Our portfolio is comprised of institutional-grade retail and industrial real estate properties throughout Ontario, as well as multi-residential projects specifically targeted at the emerging student residence asset class.

The interests of our stakeholders – our investors, tenants and strategic partners – guide us in shaping the operating principles of our business.

For our investors, we focus on stable real estate asset classes that provide strong returns, but we forsake the “acquire, build and flip” approach to turn a quick, one-time gain in favour of a long-term view to develop and manage our real estate assets to deliver sustained advantages over the years. Our objective is to provide a market return to our investors that is well above industry standard and to ‘lift’ the quality of a property within its asset class to a higher valuation.

Through aggressive development management, property management and asset management practices, we maintain a sharp focus on timelines and budgets and employ smart capital expenditure strategies for all of our properties.

And, our creative approach to identifying strong opportunities allows us to put forward selective offerings that capture the imagination of the marketplace.

We are committed to strong governance, frequent communications and consistency in dealing with our investors.

For our tenants, our attention to detail and focus on operational excellence ensures high-quality properties in superb locations and high customer service standards.

Our experienced team is committed to adding value through its cultivation of strategic alliances and strong partnerships. We recognize the value that our partners bring to the table and we foster mutually beneficial relationships based on solid co-operation and respect, carried on with the highest regard for trustworthiness, fairness and ethics.

Our long term goal at Knightstone is to build and sustain a solid portfolio which will grow in value and quality, and that we will be there to guide and develop it well into the future.