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Knightstone Capital Management Inc. is a privately-owned Toronto-based boutique real estate investment, asset management, and development company. Our portfolio is comprised of institutional-grade retail, as well as multi-residential projects specifically targeted at the emerging academic residence asset class. The foundation of our company are the right assets in the right markets, operational excellence, building relationships that create loyal residents, and having the best people in place to get it all done.

What We Do.


Knightstone determines its acquisition strategy based on disciplined principles.
Each prospective acquisition is well researched and a strategy developed for the life cycle of the investment with the long term view being one of the most critical elements.
The senior executive team reviews each acquisition target and has a proven track record of simplifying complex opportunities.
Knightstones’ reputation for concluding acquisitions in a timely and efficient manner provides our investors and partners with measured timelines which allows for accountability and comfort.


Knightstone can undertake development through new construction, major refurbishment and re-development of existing assets. Knightstone has extensive experience in development projects, which adds value and contributes to asset performance.
Knightstone has a flexible approach to development activity in order to balance and mitigate the risks with prospective returns.
Knightstone will work both on a direct and a joint venture basis, the latter approach being tailored to suit the risk profile of the project and the roles and responsibility of the joint venture partners.

Asset Management.

Asset Management is all about executing the strategy developed in the Acquisition Process.
Our Asset Managers are differentiated in the marketplace by the fact that they are active in the asset acquisition and the development of the initial strategic plan.
Knightstone is driven by a continuous and focused effort to enhance value through cost control, revenue maximization, and the strategic application of capital.
We constantly review and analyze assets in a search for opportunities to enhance value.
Knightstone operates under the principle that all assets must be in a ‘long hold state’ which allows for measured and predictable performance.

Our Focus

Knightstone has developed over 1 million square feet of retail throughout southern Ontario. As a leader in the retail development field, our core development strategy is to strategically select well-trafficked locations and bring in the appropriate mix of national tenants with strong covenants while internally managing the properties to operate at peak efficiency.Learn More
Knightstone has created an internal division focused on developing and operating purpose-built academic residences and has become one of the preeminent national leaders in this sector. With a number of projects already underway, Knightstone is truly a trailblazer in the Academic Assets area.Learn More
Knightstone has extensive experience in developing residential, mixed-use, hospitality and office buildings. Knightstone approaches all of these developments with the goal of generating and growing long-term cash flow.Learn More

Why Choose Us.

  • Long-term cash flow built through creative and opportune investments – Knightstone’s long-term creative approach to real estate development is the primary differentiator from competitors.
  • Knightstone seeks development opportunities that yield high rewards – Mitigating risk through site selection, creating value through zoning adjustment and effectively managing costs, our long-term hold approach forgoes the lure of short-term gains.
  • Flexibility & Ability to Exit – Knightstone’s investment mandate targets the development of income-producing assets with long-term cash flow and value-added capabilities.
  • In the Community – Knightstone takes great pride in our involvement with a variety of organizations both locally and nationally.


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